Alan Platt

Leader and Founder: Doxa Deo

About Alan PlattAlan Platt is an agent of transformation in the lives of individuals, local churches and corporate structures of society. He has been in full-time ministry since 1983, serving the church on various levels. Under his leadership as the Visionary Leader of Doxa Deo, a strong city-reaching strategy has been established. In Tshwane (Pretoria, South Africa) Doxa Deo serves 30000 people (referred to as partners) in ten different campuses (local churches functioning as one integrated church in the city).

This Ministry has also established churches in five other cities in South-Africa, as well as three internationally (London, UK: Auckland, NZ; and Stuttgart, Germany).

Doxa Deo has established various educational institutions (Pre, Elementary, through to High Schools) that serve to educate over 2000 of the next generation in Christ Centred education. Intentional engaging of existing public educational institutions by having a permanent presence in over 100 State schools in the City of Pretoria is part of their ministries strategy to affect the transformation of communities.

Vocational Education and Training Centres have been established that equip over 2000 people annually. These centres not only prepare people vocationally (18 different skill areas), but also reach the students spiritually, emotionally and physically through a counselling, medical, dental and eye care centre.

The Ministry reaches out to HIV, abandoned and Special Needs children in seven orphanages managed by The Doxa Deo Ministry.

Over 400 people are enrolled in their City Changers Institute, training people for effectiveness in the marketplace, as well as vocationally in the areas of Church, Education, Social Society and Business.

Through Alan’s primary gifting in leadership and teaching, he has not only established an exceptionally dynamic leadership team in Doxa Deo, but he has also influenced a wide spectrum of organisations, denominations and church networks internationally. His influence extends beyond the church to the influencing of the business sector, education and society at large.

Alan’s capacity to communicate with small groups as well as large crowds makes him a sought-after speaker across the globe. His material on the Church and City Transformation has impacted many ministries. Alan has recently authored his first book titled ‘We start at Finish’, fast becoming a life changing instrument for many ministries.

Alan is married to Leana and they have two children, Duncan (25) and Amy (24).